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Ozempic is all the rage today. Along with Wegovy and Mounjaro it is being gobbled up by anyone who has weight issues or diabetes. The curse of these medications is the cost. Insurance will often pay but in most cases only if the patient is using it for diabetes. 'How do they know?' you ask. The medical provider will include the diagnosis code on the prescription. As of today, most insurance companies with which the pharmacy is currently contracted, require the diagnosis code to be on the prescription and be transmitted to them during the prescription filling process. If the diagnosis code is included in their list they will reimburse the pharmacy for all but the copay (depending on the individual plan). If the diagnosis code is not on the list the patient will be responsible for the whole price of the medication, but only if the patient decides to purchase it. Please, do not hesitate to reach out to us at Axtell Pharmacy if you have any questions.

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