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Where others have stopped short, Axtell Pharmacy has gone full speed ahead in building a laboratory that meets and exceeds Federal requirements.  Old laws allowed any pharmacy to compound any medication ordered by your doctor.  Today's laws require that many medications be made in a safer and more secure environment.  These medications are labelled as 'hazardous' and must be handled more cautiously and by more experienced technicians.  These 'hazardous' drugs are now, by federal mandate, to be made in a room that is certified by the United States Pharmacopeia or USP. The USP 800 Guideline governs how the room is built and maintained for the safety of the general public.  Axtell Pharmacy is now certified to handle these unique medications in the completely brand new state-of-the-art compounding room  known as the '800 Compounding Room'.

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Our Compounding Services

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